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Veg Tan leather hides are a kind of leather that wa sworked using the "vegetable tanning" techniques, an ancient tradition that gives unique characteristics to the material. The cow leather is an adaptable product both for its characteristics and the possible use: the thickness of this material varies from a minimum of 0.9 to a maximum of 8 mm; broader size range allows you to apply the cow hide leather for a variety of final goals. The most characterizing features of veg tan skins are especially smell and color. This type of leather isused to develop the most different objects, from small leather articles to other accessories of largerdimensions.

Platinum collection

Nappa leather consists of a type of leather that has undergone a process, more particularly a tanning, whichtends to give to the leather a marked softness, delicacy and silkiness to the touch. The skinhas a "full" and natural, soft and light hand, the top grain nappa leather is not covered by finishing substances (for example pigments) that would otherwise make it heavier. This top quality top grain leather is Made in Italy and can be used for shoes, bags and wallets, clothing and accessories, where a pristine look is desired. The leather is named top-grain because the very top layer is sanded, buffed or shaved off. Shaving off the top layer can also be referred to as splitting leather. Top-grain leather isstill appropriate for luxurygoods.

Gold collection

Full-grain leather represents the surface layer of the animal's epidermis (the one to which the hairs are attached), and which has not undergone particular processes that have altered its naturala ppearance. When it comes to leather in general, it is important to make some important distinctions between all the types you can find on the market. Those looking for the finest materials, should refer to this type of leather: the full grain leather. This material turns out to be the most natural of its category and knows no rivals in terms of quality. The tanning of this type of leather can be done both chromium and vegetable. Such fine leather lends itself to high qualityuses. The most traditional uses are, without a doubt, leather goods (bags, belts, accessories), clothing, upholstery of high-end sofas and armchairs, or even the manufacture of luxury shoes. All this is possible thanks to a formidable resistance and, above all, thanks to a transpiration that knows no competitors among the other types of skin. Among the best leather products on the market, full-grain leather is particularly appreciated by those who give importance to elegance and quality.

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To dispel a false myth: Embossed Leather isreal leather, it is not faux or synthetic some times is simplycalled "Printed Leather". Embossed Leather Hides belongs to the the sub-category of "Printed Leather Hides" in general but it differs from the others because the surface that characterizes it does not come from human imagination or intelligence, but rather takes inspiration from Nature. This particular type of leather, in fact, is produced from a cowhide or a sheepskin with the intent of tracing the characteristics of real reptile and amphibian leathers, in particular has the aim to imitate their appearance. Since ancient times man has learned the importance of covering his body parts both to protec thimself from dangers and from cold. Until the fabrics and yarns were invented, the only material available was the skin of the hunted animals, which could change depending on the geographical area.